pop-up festival – glasgow


30th May 2020, 9.30 – 17.00

In the Moment
72 Berkeley Street, GLASGOW G3 7DS

Bring vegan/vegetarian food to share for lunch

IYN members £35 Non-members: £45

Introductions & welcome from the IYN Chair Ellen Lee

For further details of  the venue, see the In the Moment Web Site.

Comments from 2018 Glasgow IYN Day:

‘It was a fantastic day, quality of the teachers was outstanding.’
‘I found the day very inspiring.’
‘An expansive, enjoyable day. Value for money was excellent.’
‘I thought the entire day was excellent.’
‘It was a really nice day and very well organised.’




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Debbie Farrar (www.feelnowyoga.com)

Debbie Farrar
Introduced to asana, pranayam, mantra and meditation by her mother in the 1970s, Debbie has enjoyed a daily practice for almost 40 years. Inspired by nature, her mother and Godfrey Devereux; she began teaching yoga in 1999 and completed her Teacher Training with Satya Premananda in 2004. In 2007 she gave up her job as a science teacher to devote herself to yoga. Extended stays in Aurobindo ashrams and various ashrams in Rishikesh and Vrindavan gave her the opportunity for silent meditation and study. Here Debbie started work on her interpretation of the Yoga Sutras, an ongoing and ever-changing project that forms the basis of her yoga teacher trainings. These began in 2012 in Lancashire under the name Feel Now Yoga. Feel Now Yoga is a sensitive, sensible and somatic practice, firmly rooted in the philosophy of the Sutras. Inviting the mind to relax into its ability to discern the body’s movement requirements, these sessions offer a safe, accessible and supportive framework within which each individual can become more intimate with their true nature and access their own inherent wisdom and authority. Debbie’s sessions are inclusive and suitable for all.
Breath – Bandha – Asana
Exploring the core and peripheral bandhas inside out and outside in. This session will dispel some common myths about the bandhas. Allowing the bandhas to reveal their presence rather than relying on their external imposition allows us to apply them to asana and discover them through pranayam.


Deyna Hirst (https://innerfire.org.uk/)

Deyna Hirst

Deyna has studied extensively in the UK and India over 25 years, training in Hatha Yoga styles of Dru, Sivananada, Transformational, Iyengar and Nada Yoga plus Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Meditation. She is passionate about Yoga as an intuitive Science, aiming to share knowledge and experiences gleaned from various Swamis (Masters) to help us understand ourselves and our interaction with the world around us.
Deconstructing Asana for Deep Fascia Release
Our fascia forms an amazing spider’s web holding the network of our being together. Taking time to feel into the fascical connections before settling into a posture releases ‘fuzziness’ or holding. It helps us in building strength and flexibility to move us towards ‘sthirum sukhum Asanam’. We’ll work with dynamic body, breath and mantra to explore this most recently identified organ ‘The Interstitium’.


Emma Lloyd (www.at-yoga.co.uk)

Emma Lloyd

Emma is the director of AtYoga, an approved and registered teacher training school, and has been practising and teaching yoga for 30 years. She draws upon a wealth of experience in various schools of yoga in her practice and in teaching and is focused on personal development, creativity, self-enquiry and exploration through yoga. She delivers and shares with warmth & humour, aiming to always work on an individual level. Her teaching style is well known for being inspiring, uplifting and energising. Emma is formally trained in a variety of therapy and body-based discliplines, she is a mother and grandmother and enjoys sharing her practice with all. AtYoga hold weekly classes, regular annual retreats, workshops and fund-raising events.
Spiral Asana
‘The spiral is a spiritualised circle. In the spiral form, the circle, uncoiled, has ceased to be vicious; it has been set free.’ Vladimir Nabokov
This session will explore the shape and form of the spiral and circle directly applied in the practice of asana. The form of the spiral will provide the framework as the origin point of movement in time and space via the practice of yogasana. The practice will present an exploratory experience using spiral and circular transitions combined with somatic movement to initiate deep releases of tension in the muscular and connective tissue systems. The session will provide a deconstruction of some common transitional elements between asanas, bringing a focused depth to the implementation of the spiral as a foundation for krama vinyasa. We will investigate movement patterns and tensions in the body and set about undoing the knots to access light and energy-efficient asana. We will also journey through techniques that explore the subtle form of the spiral in breath and sound and develop some practical techniques for bringing a sense of holistic balance to mind, body and breath.

Jayne Morrisey

Jayne Morrisey

Energy Moves
I took up yoga in 1999 when I was a stressed and depressed civil servant. After a year of attending yoga classes I got the yoga bug and also felt so much better that I decided to start training to teach others. I have been teaching in North-West England since 2004 and am also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic healing practitioner and singer/song writer. A couple of years ago I realised that I was still struggling with chronic pain in some areas of my body and made the connection that my yoga practice wasn’t helping me in the way that I needed it to – I had changed, I was older, my body was changing, my thoughts had changed. I started seeking out other movement ideas through sensible yoga, functional yoga, Feldenkrais and somatic movement. The new teachers I was meeting and the new movements I was exploring helped to free me up further. I realised that I could integrate my reiki and shamanic insights with a gentle, somatic movement practice to help greater understanding of long-term pain, find comfort and assist release of longstanding tension. What I teach now is very far away from the classical yoga postures I used to take such pride in, but I enjoy my practice so much more – breath, slow, gentle, conscious movement, energy flow and connection. If this sounds like something you would like to try then I very much look forward to sharing it with you – as one of my teachers once said ‘Life is hard enough, I want my time on my yoga mat to be nurturing and nourishing’ – that is what I aim to offer.


Julia Osfield

Julia Osfield

Julia has been working as a yoga teacher for 6 years and is now also Yoga Therapist having studied with SSYT. She works in the small town of Callander where she offers classes for all and focuses very much on adapting the yoga for each individual whatever their level of experience and ability, using the physical yoga practice as a way to introduce broader yoga concepts.
Yoga and Digestion
An exploration of digestion by body and mind and the profound interconnections between the two. Food is processed by the body, ideas are processed by the brain but more than that we process our experiences through gut reactions, habits and the complex interplay between senses, expectations and stress levels. Movement, breath, awareness and intuition lead us to our centre, to explore the depth of our being and to bring us towards fuller integration of ourselves.


Annamaria Sacco (www.yogastable.com)

Annamaria Sacco

Annamaria started practising Iyengar Yoga in 1991. She qualified in 2010 as a Junior Intermediate 3 teacher and has been teaching yoga full-time for nearly 20 years. Her inspirations are: Firooza Ali Razvi, her main teacher for the past 14 years; Christian Pisano, with whom she has attended teachers’ seminars in France and the UK over the years; and in recent years David Meloni, with whom she studied in Scotland. Over the years Annamaria has studied with several fantastic senior Iyengar yoga teachers in the UK, as well as in Mumbai, and with the Iyengar family in Pune. She owns and directs her own studio, Yoga Stable in Edinburgh. Annamaria is a registered craniosacral therapist (diploma from CCST London). She has also completed the foundation course in Core Process Psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute in Devon. She is currently studying Integrative Baby Therapy Training in Bristol.
Her session will use restorative poses to help access the region of the pelvis and the heart and the cranial bowl through movement and breath. This will make it possible to integrate our being, connect with the spaciousness intrinsic within these spaces and the deepening that comes when we allow such spaciousness to arise, transform into stillness and ultimately transform our lives.